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Since the establishment in 1981, Kamishigen Co., Ltd., has focused on contribute to society and environment by providing reliable and controlled services for the collection and recycling of different type of papers and aluminum cans.

We believe that nurturing people is the organic way to grow and from the original 4 employees, our company has grown to 5 complete facilities in Kyushu. 

Nowadays all the recycled products we recover are not only traded locally but also internationally having an important footprint in South East Asia market. 

Each of us in Kamishigen Co., Ltd. collaborates in the value chain to promote a recycling culture and improve our environment, helping individuals, institutions and companies be able to dispose safely and convenient recyclable materials.

We thanks for all the support during all these years and we look forward to be able to keep serving you. 

Masakazu Otsu 

Representative Director

Kamishigen Co., Ltd.

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